Podcast Episode 87

Who Supports the Boots on the Ground!?! (Hint: it’s LICA)… On the Road

Episode 87 | 23 min
With Guests:
  • Allison Hack of LICA National Office, Director of Communications
  • Caroline Krug, Editor of The LICA Contractor magazine

The Water Table Podcast is On the Road at the Iowa LICA Farm, chatting with two people who work for the National LICA organization. What exactly does LICA do, and why is it important for contractors to be members? Guest host, Trey Allis, covers all the benefits and discusses how LICA is key for the future of land improvement with Allison Hack, Director of Communications at the LICA National Office, and Caroline Krug, Assistant to the CEO and Editor of LICA Contractor Magazine.

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