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The Water Table podcast is a place to learn about agricultural water management topics that impact our industry. Jamie Duininck hosts thought-provoking conversations with a wide variety of experts on topics such as drainage best practices, product standards, technical answers, conservation efforts, land values, crop health, economic impact, system design, safety issues, and more.

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Is Tile Drainage Decreasing, Or Do Numbers Sometimes Lie?

Episode 105 | 21 min
With Guest:
  • Dr. Ehsan Ghane of Michigan State University, Assistant Professor of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

On this episode of The Water Table podcast, Jamie sits down with Dr. Ehsan Ghane of Michigan State University to discuss recent US Census numbers that are reporting a surprising decrease in acreage with tile drainage across the Midwest. Are the numbers accurate, or is there more at play? And, while we’re on the subject of numbers, learn why long-term is better for agricultural research. Don’t miss this episode!

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