Courtesy of Ecosystem Services Exchange

“Turn‐Key” Assistance for Conservation Drainage Practices Offered for Eligible Farmers in Select Minnesota Counties


Farmers in 41 southern Minnesota counties, who have wellfunctioning tile drainage systems

on cropland, may be eligible for timely, “turnkey” assistance with the planning, design, and

installation of conservation drainage practices.

Interested farmers should contact the local NRCS office in one of the 41 designated Minnesota counties or Ecosystem Services Exchange (ESE) at (641)740‐0890 or ESE is a certified technical service provider in operation since 2010 that works closely with farmers to help them plan, design, implement, and manage conservation drainage practices. ESE has a long collaborative history with USDA and many other public and private sector entities and has worked extensively with farmers on conservation drainage throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes states, including Minnesota.